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All upholstery projects are done during the off season, from November through April, so they are ready for you to enjoy come spring.  Our short boating season is dedicated to canvas work and repairs.  Most boat upholstery can be brought in and used as a pattern for reupholstering.  If you are interested in having new pieces made or modifications to your current upholstery, you should plan ahead to arrange for us to make patterns before the boat is put away for the winter.



We can reupholster or fabricate from scratch, stowable cockpit cushions, vinyl upholsteted seating, helmseats, sundeck pads, and motor covers.  Using marine quality goods, outdoor fabrics, and EZ-Dri foam, we can add comfort and style to your time aboard.



New cabin upholstery really spruces things up.  Add some new life and comfort to your interior, with our extensive line of Sunbrella upholstery fabrics and variety of foam.  Setee cushions, V-berth and sleeping berth cuhsions, curtains, throw pillows, foam replacement, and more.  

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